Code for Sustainable Homes

Bennetts supply a range of support products to assist the Developer achieve the required 'credits' for the scheme. 

These can be split into the following sections. There are many more products which may be required to meet site specific requirements and this list is for illustration of the most often requested items. 


ENE4 -  Drying Space (Code for Sustainable Homes - 1 credit available) 

Outdoor Driers

3 Arm - 30m Rotary Airer c/w socket

3 Arm - 35m Rotary Airer c/w socket

4 Arm - 40m Rotary Airer c/w socket

2.4m Galvanised Line Post c/w socket

Ground Spike for Rotary Airer

Cordomatic Single Line Retractable Clothes Line


Indoor driers

Multi-line Retractable Airer


ENE8 -  Cycle Storage (Code for Sustainable Homes - 2 credits available) 

Overlap Cycle Store

Wall Mounted Folding Cycle Rack (2 bikes) 

Wall Rack and Shelf Support (5 Cycle Capacity) 

Sheffield Style Bike Stand 800 x 600mm (bolt down) 

Sheffield Style Bike Stand 1050 x 600mm (concrete in) 

Floor Mounted Bike Stand (3 Cycle)

Floor Mounted Bike Stand (5 Cycle)

Adjustable Vertical Wall Clamp

Bruteforce High Security Ground / Wall Anchor


WAT2 - External Water Use (Code for Sustainable Homes - 1 credit available)

200L Water Butt c/w Stand, Lid, Tap and Diverter Kit


WAS1 Recyclable Household Waste (Code for Sustainable Homes - 4 credits available)

220L Compost Bin


ECO - Environmental Considerations

Bat, Bird & Mammal Nest Boxes

Full SCHWEGLER and other ranges available.