Bike Storage and Shelters Guide

Bike Storage and Shelters Guide

Bike Storage Solutions

The most important aspects to a Secure Bike Storage Shelter are the security and weatherproofing. The range of Cycle racks and storage shelters as supplied by Bennetts offer high security, excellent weather proofing and long product life span. These Cycle Storage Sheds and Shelters are robustly made out of square section 50x50 mm and 40x40 mm galvanised steel tube. The roofs are covered with translucent corrugated sheets or composite roofing sheets, and there are a number of different wall options available from Steel Mesh, hardwood slats, or pressed steel corrugated sheets in a choice of RAL colours. These Cycle Storage Sheds and Shelters are made in a modular system.

Below are some examples of what is availiable

Canopy Shelter - Falco Tel This is a Canopy cycle shelter shelter, with no front. The frame is made from of IPE-120, square 50x50 mm and 40x40 mm galvanised steel tubing.
The frame is fixed into the ground via concrete pads. This Falco bike shelter has aluminum zinc corrugated metal roofing sheets.
The size is suitable for 10-12 bicycles depending on what rack centers are used.


The Vandal Proof Falco Loc is also availiable with 1 mm thick composite corrugated sheet metal side powder-coated to your choice of RAL Colour on both sides including the steel drainpipe.

High Security Cycle Shed - Falco Loc 300

This Vandal Resistant Bike Shed has been made with security in mind. The model pictured has a sturdy frame that is all 50mm square hot-dip galvanised steel and it is clad in hardwood slats.
The roof covering made of 1mm thick composite sheet sections, and there is powder-coated galvanised steel fascia board.
The door comes with a cylinder lock and multi keys.

Bike Shed Size Guide

For working out the size that a bike shelter needs to be, you need to allow 375mm centre to centre between bikes. As an example a sectional building of; Length 3980 mm, depth 3120 mm, height 2100 -2250 mm will take 10 bikes with enough space for racking and access.

This size shed will easily take 10 bikes, with ample room for access.It has a sashlock mounted on the galvanised frame, that can be supplied with multi keys

Cycle Racking

Bennetts can also supply a range of cycle racking for bike sheds or for installation in open spaces.

A Wall mounted cycle clamp simply holds a wheel (preferably the rear one) This is a simple solution.Manufactured from 41.5mm diameter tube and 12mm solid bar with standard hot dipped galvanised finish. Availiable in a 90 degree and 45 degree off set version.