Pigeon Holes Mailboxes

Pigeon Holes

We can probably all remember timber Pigeon Holes in hotels, schools and offices, and they have been the most common way of delivering mail in business and institutions all over the world. In fact Pigeonholes for letters and mail are still ideal for high volume users such as Offices, or Student Halls of Residence. The two models shown are made of metal and have a lockable door, and can be accessorised to co-ordinate or contrast with the setting. Note both the Urban and Metropolitan models are only suitable for internal use.
Width 350, Height 250, Depth 100
Width 350, Height 108, Depth 250
Both models have the options of;
Master Key
The standard Colours of White RAL 9016, Brown RAL 8019 and Grey RAL 7006 can be replaced with any RAL Powder Coated Enamel.
Aluminium Doors in Silver Gold or Bronze are available for both models.
Stainless Steel Doors are available for the Urban Model only.
The banks of pigeonholes shown are Metropolitans and smaller unit is a 9 bank Metropolitan with an additional lockable parcel box, aluminium letter flaps and a custom made wooden surround.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for a quote for your specific requirements.